Flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, bees, wasps, green stink bugs, tree fluff, even small bats (it has happened that they have got in during the night while pursuing insects in suburban areas).

A fly screen is an accessory that not only protects against mosquitoes and flies but is also a useful barrier for preventing entry of a vast population of insects and other creatures which during the spring, summer and autumn populate the outside of our houses and will seize the chance to come and live inside if they find an open window. The only alternatives to fly screens are either keeping windows closed or using insect sprays, which is impossible. So? So fly screens are the answer: preventing all kinds of unwanted visitors to enter while at the same time guaranteeing the flow of fresh air.

Besides being manufactured in Italy with top quality materials and components, BAZAR roll-up fly screens possess one unique feature that makes them stand out from the rest: they can be fitted without the need for a drill, because no holes need to be made in the wall. No wall plugs and no screws. Just a small Allen wrench supplied in the KIT is all that’s needed to fit the screen into the window frame thanks to the innovative pressure mounting system (patented by MEDAL, manufacturing fly screens since 1990).