15 June 2018

Horizontal retractable fly screens with walk-over lowered guide

Fitting kit for pressure mounting

No drill, no holes in the wall, no mess.

A new concept in horizontal fly screens that brings technical solutions that are unique in their kind:

Pressure mounting: no need for a drill or wall plugs when fitting (all that’s needed is an Allen wrench) correcting cutting or measurement errors up to a maximum of 1 cm in width and 1 cm in height.

Walk-over lowered guide: protruding just 17 mm above the floor, it won’t be an obstacle to walking.

Quick release button: makes it easier to open the fly screen from inside and outside the home, acting as a security hook when the fly screen is closed.

Magnet with telescopic compensation profile: ensures perfect magnet coupling, regardless of how “not square” the walls are.

Rewinding brake: ensures a fly screen opening that is gentle and safe.

Retractable horizontal fly screens with walk-over lowered guide

Zanzariera Bazar avvolgibile orizzontale con guida ribassata e sgancio rapido, 1 e 2 ante

Measurements of kits that can be purchased in specialist retail outlets:

 L x HCodice
Door window
1 door
160 x 250 cmBLR2516
(left box)
(right box)
2 doors
320 x 250 cmBLR2532

  1. Pressure mounting and rewinding brake
  2. Walk-over lowered guide
  3. Quick release button
  4. Magnet with telescopic compensation profile

Colours available:

RAL 1013 - R2
Zanzariera Bazar, colore bianco cassonetto (cod. 1013)
RAL 8017 - R6
Zanzariera Bazar, colore marrone cassonetto (cod. RAL 8017)
RAL 9010 - R8
Zanzariera Bazar, colore bianco cassonetto (cod. RAL 9010)
Zanzariera Bazar, colore bronzo cassonetto (cod. X2 )

PRECISION: no problem even if you cut the box and guides too short!

The new adjustable brake makes it possible to adjust the mesh winding speed even once the fly screen is in place.

Minimum space needed for installing the box in the window frame: 60 mm

Zanzariera Bazar, montaggio freno regolabile


Zanzariera Bazar, senza trapano

Ready for fitting
anti-stink bug kit

Zanzariera Bazar, predisposta per kit anti-cimice

No holes
in the wall

Zanzariera Bazar, senza fori nel muro

fly screen

Zanzariera orizzontale

No screws
and wall plugs



Zanzariera Bazar, apertura rallentata zanzariera orizzontale


Zanzariera Bazar, fissaggio ad espansione




Montaggio veloce


Zanzariera Bazar, difficoltà di montaggio 2

Retractable horizontal fly screens with walk-over lowered guide - 2 doors