15 June 2018

Bazar fly screen

BAZAR, the range of fly screens in KIT form ideal for DO-IT-YOURSELF

Bazar is a range of ready-to-fit fly screens and accessories with unique features.

  • Why? Because of its design features, user-friendly assembly and simple fitting:
  • no drill needed;
  • no holes in the walls (no dust and no mess);
  • no screws and wall plugs needed;
  • if the box and guides are cut too short by mistake the error can be compensated (up to 2 cm in width and 1 cm in height);
  • if the walls are not square compensation can be made;

They can be easily fitted in just a few simple steps and feature a patented PRESSURE MOUNTING system » that keeps them firmly in position.

Fly screen models::

Do your windows have roller shutters?

You might like to know that there is a mosquito screen designed and built just to be installed directly on the roller shutters. A unique product on the market, exclusive, practical, functional. Install it and forget it exists. It travels up and down together with the roller shutter. Aluminum box, pleated mesh, non-invasive and very simple installation. Maximum visual comfort and protection from the insects in the summer months …

Discover it on the website www.zanzarieraup.com