Before buying one or more fly screens in kit form, we have the dilemma of the size. How do I take the measurements? What model shall I buy? What do I need to consider? And if my measurements aren’t perfectly accurate? And what about the drill? If I have to drill a hole in the wall, what size drill bit must I use? And if the plaster cracks on the window frame? Let’s address all these worries now…

First of all it should be pointed out that, in terms of cost, fitting fly screens to windows is perfectly affordable, especially if purchasing a Do-it-Yourself kit from a specialised retail outlet.

If your fly screen is one of those in the BAZAR range, the guarantee of buying a product that’s made in Italy, is easy to install, incorporates top quality materials and that will last for a long time is assured.

Now we’ll explain how to take the window measurements before going to your retailer and buying your BAZAR DO-IT-YOURSELF fly screen:

  • make sure you have at least 47 mm of space to fit the fly screen box which is 46 mm long
  • measure the actual internal width of the window frame or the patio door as accurately as possible
  • measure the actual internal height of the window frame or the patio door as accurately as possible
  • choose the fly screen model (vertical or horizontal) depending on the characteristics and refer to the relative technical data sheet on this website
  • choose the model most suitable for your dimensions
Zanzariera Bazar, misure del vano finestra

Example for windows (vertical fly screen):

window frame measurements taken, width 125 cm by height 165 cm.

Go to the shop, buy the model 140 x 170 cm code BZF1417 in the colour required (4 colours available) and reduce the dimensions of the box and the guides as specified in the fitting instructions.

Example for patio doors (horizontal fly screen):

the measurements are more standard. Just pick out the model you require and adapt it to the window casing following the instructions. If the model has a lowered guide ›› choose the position for the box (box can be fitted on the Right or the Left).


don’t worry about cutting the box or the guides precisely to adapt them to the measurements of the windows or doors. The BAZAR system is the only one which, thanks to its innovative pressure mounting system ›› makes it possible to compensate for any cutting errors.