15 June 2018

Vertical retractable fly screens with chain

Innovation, ingenuity, maximum user friendliness.

We have designed the product to save you time and energy, bearing in mind the need for a neat and tidy installation which leaves the window frame intact.

BAZAR is the fly screen that’s so simple it can be fitted in 5 minutes:

  • using just an Allen wrench;
  • without the need for a drill;
  • without the need for screws and wall plugs (no holes are required for fitting);

5 minutes is all it takes to fit BAZAR, perfectly in place and at every change of season, and then in the same simple manner you can just remove it, and refit it, remove, refit, remove, refit…

The screen is opened and closed using a chain, which on fly screens for patio doors has a double interior and exterior command.

Retractable vertical fly screen with chain
Zanzariera Bazar, zanzariera avvolgibile verticale con catenella

Measurements of kits that can be purchased in specialist retail outlets (maximum kit shortening approx. 20 cm):

 L x HCode
(single chain)
100 x 170 cmBC1017
120 x 170 cmBC1217
140 x 170 cmBC1417
Patio door
(double chain)
120 x 250 cmBC1225
140 x 250 cmBC1425

Colours available:

RAL 1013 - R2
Zanzariera Bazar, colore bianco cassonetto (cod. 1013)
RAL 8017 - R6
Zanzariera Bazar, colore marrone cassonetto (cod. RAL 8017)
RAL 9010 - R8
Zanzariera Bazar, colore bianco cassonetto (cod. RAL 9010)
Zanzariera Bazar, colore bronzo cassonetto (cod. X2 )

PRECISION: no problem even if you cut the box and guides too short!

Expansion compensates for errors made when taking measurements or cutting, up to 2 cm in width and 1 cm in height.

Bazar is the latest generation of fly screens designed to be fitted using just an Allen wrench supplied with the kit.

The innovative feature is the pressure mounting system » the main advantage of which is that no drill or wall plugs are needed to fit the screen into the window frame.

There is no mess and the window frame remains intact.

The expansion makes it possible to correct any errors made when taking measurements or cutting, up to a maximum of 2 cm in width and 1 cm in height, guaranteeing optimum closing even if the walls are “not square”.

The telescopic plugs on the ends of the fly screen make fitting easier through the use of springs that temporarily hold the box in place in the window frame before completing the installation. 

Minimum space needed for installing the box in the window frame: 45 mm


Zanzariera Bazar, senza trapano

Ready for fitting
anti-stink bug kit

Zanzariera Bazar, predisposta per kit anti-cimice

No holes
in the wall

Zanzariera Bazar, senza fori nel muro

fly screen

Zanzariera verticale

No screws
and wall plugs

Zanzariera Bazar, senza viti e tasselli


Zanzariera Bazar, apertura rallentata zanzariera verticale


Zanzariera Bazar, fissaggio ad espansione


Zanzariera Bazar, marchio CE


Montaggio veloce