15 June 2018

Controlled rewinding mechanism

The controlled opening mechanism is a handy feature included in the cost of the fly screen.

Once upon a time, opening a fly screen required concentration and attention. If the handle accidentally slipped out of your hand, the rewinding spring in the box would “retract” the screen abruptly, creating loud and annoying noise.

BAZAR fly screens incorporate a mechanism that slows down the fly screen opening action to eliminate this possibility. Once the handle has been unhooked, the upward rewinding (for vertical fly screens) or sideways rewinding (for horizontal fly screens) takes place automatically in a slow and controlled manner.

Meccanismo di riavvolgimento rallentato


Zanzariera Bazar, apertura rallentata zanzariera verticale

Self-adjusting brake for slowed opening. An optional extra for those seeking absolute perfection.

“But can the controlled action of the fly screen be adjusted?


MEDAL has listened to its customers and designed the self-adjusting brake for slowed opening.
The device available as an optional kit can be fitted to the fly screen at any time after installation. It has a number of advantages over the standard brake included with all fly screens:

  • More effective. Unlike the traditional fluid dynamic brake, the self-adjusting brake is not affected by temperature changes, giving it steadier movement.

  • Improved mechanism.
    Designed to provide more intense braking in the initial opening phase (where the spring has maximum force) before gradually reducing braking power as the fly screen closes, therefore ensuring the screen is fully wound back into the box.