15 June 2018

Pressure Mounting

BAZAR's pressure mounting

The idea revolutionised the concept of DO-IT-YOURSELF fly screen installation..

So what makes BAZAR so different and unique from other fly screens on the market?
The idea of its innovative pressure mounting system, i.e. the technique used to fit the fly screen to the window frame which requires no holes to be drilled in the wall, bricks, plaster or the finish.
Fitting the screen requires no drill, wall plugs or fixing screws.


Zanzariera Bazar, senza trapano


Zanzariera Bazar, senza fori nel muro


Zanzariera Bazar, senza viti e tasselli

The pressure mounting patent devised by MEDAL is mechanically based on the physical concept of action and reaction. The more the dimensions of the roller box and sliding guides of the mesh/fly screen increase through an “elongation” process, the more the box and guides become fixed in place in a stable and permanent manner, blocking the fly screen system in the frame opening.

Zanzariera Bazar, fissaggio ad espansione con una sola chiave a brugola
Zanzariera Bazar, fissaggio ad espansione


To create this “elongation” all that’s needed is a simple Allen wrench supplied in the KIT.


Zanzariera Bazar, dettaglio fissaggio ad espansione con chiave a brugola

The patented pressure mounting system also compensates for any errors made when taking measurements or when cutting up to 2 cm in width and 1 cm in height.

Installation is therefore non-invasive (no drill needed, no holes, no mess) allowing the fly screen to be fitted and removed time and time again, making it easier to keep clean, maintain or change the mesh over time.

BAZAR is the most complete and practical DO-IT-YOURSELF fly screen on the market. It’s ideal for all types of windows and requires no particular skills or practical ability to install: the level of difficulty is considered very low (1 on a scale of 3).


Zanzariera Bazar, montaggio facile 1

Fitting difficulty:

Zanzariera Bazar, montaggio facile e veloce


Zanzariera Bazar, montaggio facile